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Rwanda is a fantastic country for cycling, walking and canoeing: not much traffic, a not too hot nor too cold climate, fantastic scenery, warm water for swimming (23 to 26 °C), friendly people and free of crime.

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Cycling and walking in Rwanda

Rwanda is also known as the "Land of a thousand hills", due to its hilly topography, which makes this small African country an interesting challenge to all cyclists and walkers.

Our personalized itineraries avoid Rwanda's main and tarmacked roads, and concentrate on getting you off-the-beaten-track in order to create a unique experience. Cyclists will need either a world-touring-style-bicycle or a mountain-bike, which can equally be hired from us.

Rwanda is also famous for its primates, volcanoes, coffee and tea plantations, and lakes, to name but a few.

For those interested in racing-bikes, who would like to train with members of Team Rwanda, Rwanda's national infamous cycling team, please contact us and we will plan for you a training program and a race!

Included in our tours

Our tours include the following:

  • Transfers to and from your chosen Rwandan airport or other arrival/departure points;

  • Freshly prepared breakfast, lunch and evening meals;

  • Snacks and bottled-water while touring;

  • Hotels, where necessary, or preferred, to camping;

  • Guides and porters, who will make your adventure as comfortable as possible;

  • Optional support vehicle;